PROPERTY - Can't Escape

We have a fresh one for you today indeed. Boost proudly supports this new hit from PROPERTY,  'Can't Escape'! This upcoming artist is breaking through with this one, featuring a crisp clean beat with a very groovy and laid back vibe. The vibe of this one is what makes this song especially unique, featuring a typical rap beat with many unique riffs, background vocals and other effects that completely transform this from an average track to something that is memorable indeed. The attention to detail to create a flowing vibe in this song is absolutely immaculate, and is sure to get stuck in your head. The tasteful autotune on the vocals provide not only enhanced flow, but also the great vibe you don't want to miss hearing out on.

PROPERTY is comprised of two artists, Ben & Omri. They are fresh on the scene and making big moves to move up the ranks. Their talent for creating memorable vibes and tastefully unique music will be something that is sure to keep people coming back. Keep an eye out for PROPERTY!

Music ReviewDamian Barbu