M!ggY: Poly - Dactoid EP

This is one great EP for you today, you must take a listen! This artist is definitely talented; take a listen to his EP at the link below and you'd agree. He's got a music video coming up soon as well, and he's out to make some moves. The man in question is no other than M!ggY!

M!ggY is known for producing music that stands out - stuff that is far from mainstream yet somehow feels close to home at the same time. His EP Poly-Dactoid is his best work yet, in my opinion, and we at Boost Collective are very grateful that he chose us to promote his music.

The genre of the EP is hard to put you finger on, since it is something different than what I've ever heard before. If anything it's closely related to House/Tech House music, and the atmospheric vibes due to the effects M!ggY adds in his productions turns this EP to something much more than your typical House EP. 

I absolutely love the theme of the EP - retro adventure video games and such, and each track definitely fells like something out of a retro game. The covers of each songs fit very well with the feel of each song.

The EP features four songs, each of which are unique in each individual respect, while they keep a common theme/vibe to the overall EP. My favorite is 'Dungeon Lurking' , even though every song is very good and unique in its own respect. I especially like that song over the others due to the groove/flow of the drums and percussion.

We are grateful that we were able to promote M!ggY's EP and get it the exposure it deserves. Unfortunately, much talent gets lost and will never be heard. If you've got a smash song, EP, or album and want exposure, visit our

Damian Barbu