How Network in The Music Industry - EASY TIP!

Making friends/associates/colleagues in the music industry is sometimes tough; but it doesn't have to be!

Do you know the secret to actually seeing your music gain traction and get bigger? It's networking. No doubt about it. The one that makes mediocre music but knows label managers, influential artists, blog editors will be MUCH more successful than the guy that makes fantastic music but takes no time to share it.

People make networking look difficult - it isn't, especially in the music industry. The secret to it is to look for places where you can find artists that make the same music that you make. I recommend you take a look at forums, Youtube channels, and social media groups. Facebook groups are the best in my opinion as you can easily find other artists and send them a message. I recommend you join our Facebook Group as a head start (We've also got exclusive goodies just for members ;)).

Once you've joined a few music groups on Facebook, you've got to play the game of give give give, rather than get get get. You'll get nowhere if you just share your link in the group. You need to listen to other people's music, like their posts, give them valuable feedback, and they INEVITABLY will do the same for you. Target a few artists that are somewhat bigger than you that you'd like to connect with. Like their posts, give them feedback, and share their music. Then after a week of doing so, send them a private message or a friend request! Begin talking to them about THEIR music, THEIR success, etc. Again, inevitably you'll be given the same back, and you'll have a connection with a artist that is bigger than you! From him/her, you'll be able to connect with others, and so on.

You just need to repeat this process again and again. It's time consuming, and requires you to dedicate time, but it's MANDATORY if you need to get anywhere in this saturated industry. Get a head start by joining our own Facebook Group now!