INEP NEH - Back With a Fresh Track!

INEP has been hard at work and released this fresh new song not long ago. It's called "Pretty Gypsy", and i haven't heard anything like it before!

The song gives off a few cool vibes, and captures the feeling of the Balkans. The beat gives off a very Latin vibe, super groovy and it makes you want to get up & dance. INEP does a great job tying all these great vibes in one song. Latin groove? Check! Balkan theme? Check! Clean and catchy? Check.

It felt very refreshing listening to this one. The industry today is oversaturated with the same rappers making the same music, and I felt relieved listening to this new one. Not to mention, the song really reminds me of summer, which is great since it is currently minus 10 degrees and snowing here in Toronto!

Definitely check out this one, worth your time. We are proud to promote this as unique stuff like this deserves to be heard!



Music ReviewDamian Barbu