CSteezee - Monsters

Quite possibly one of the best songs we've promoted to date! CSteezee is up and coming with straight up heat!!!

His latest song is a force not to be reckoned with, as its big, mean, and ready for the mainstream. The mix first of all, is specatcular. I mean, this is professional studio quality. Vocals are clear, loud, and sharp, and the beat is crisp and masterfully mixed. It's a joy to listen to, this one. Definitely a thumbs up from me. The quality of this song is at the same level as mainstream artists.

The song has some seriously massive vibes. The beat, vocals, and melody all blend together to give you this eerie, serious, dirty sorta vibe. Definitely fits the name 'Monsters'. We're glad we had the chance to help this song get more traction. It definitely deserves a listen, this is next level.

CSteezee isn't just another Soundcloud Rapper. He's here to change the game and his music speaks for itself. Take a listen below!

Music ReviewDamian Barbu