Love Song (Prod By.Jammy Beatz) - August 20th

We've got a great one from a fresh new artist! It's none other than August 20th, and he's coming on the scene with real heat!! His new song 'Love Song' proves he's here to make big moves.

I like this song. It's refreshing. The vibes are new, and different from the typical rap you hear from others. I really dig the effects on the vocals. Fits very well with the beat and gives the song a very laid back and chill vibe. This whole song is really just about vibes. Good Vibes, chill vibes.

I also dig the message August 20th has going with the song. There's a much deeper meaning to the song than you'd think. Kept me coming back listening to it again and again.

The mix is great. The beat is punchy, crisp, and has variation. I like how it's more drowned out to give priority to the vocals and background melody. Everything comes together really well and helps bring out the vibes this song delivers.

Check out this new one from August 20th here!

Music ReviewDamian Barbu