WOLFZiE - Homeboy Friends

We got a new artist on our radar, and he's coming in hot with big vibes. His name is WOLFZiE, and his new heat 'Homebody Friends' is out now.

The track is great. Everything you'd expect and want in a house track and more. But honestly this rises above the level of most house tracks. This one has vibes, a soul of sorts. That rhythmic percussion paired with those amazing piano chords is wonderful. This is exactly the kind of track I can imagine people vibing into at a club somewhere Europe afterhours. That's what this song is about, to be honest, vibes. Such a calming track to listen to but at the same time very rhythmic.

The mix is very clean, on par with most house tracks out now. Bass is low and constant, the percussion is clean and sharp, and the melody is right there in the middle. Very tasteful stuff. What throws me off is the trap bit later on in the track. It's a surprise, you're definitely not expecting it to throw you something like that. Makes the song unique though!

Listen to this deeeeeep track below!

Music ReviewDamian Barbu