DJZorka - Mellow Chill Vibes, Take a Listen!

Today I wanted to share a track from DJZorka, an up and coming producer that is certainly going to blow up in the near future.

Why? Take a look at the song below, and you'll understand. DJZorka is a master at crafting sounds into an amazing masterpiece. The production value of the song is unparalleled. Great use of filters, and mellow pads really bring out the message the artist wants to show with this.

I really like that this song is awesome to listen to on its own, but also that it would fit wonderfully in a montage on Youtube or something of the sort. It's definitely professional sounding enough to do that. The fit and polish of the final mix is excellent. Definitely.

Take a listen to this production excellence below:

Music ReviewDamian Barbu