Godfrey Church - Back With Some FIRE!

We've got a great piece for you guys to listen to today!!

Godfrey Church is back at it with his new track 'Zed Bass' . It has been picking up major approval and has been listened to by tens of thousands of people already. This is a guaranteed smash hit!

The breakbeat vibes are hypnotic - makes you want to move more and more! The drums are hard, bassy and powerful, and they are matched perfectly with the crisp percussion hits. The result is a clean & crisp beat that is rythmic.

The vocals are also very catchy. While they are repetitive, this is done on purpose definitely. I also like the contrast from hard breakbeat to the very ambient and eerie sounding strings/pads.

This track certainly takes you on a trip like no other. It has already received massive appraisal from many in the industry. Be sure to take a listen below!

Damian Barbu