'MoneyTrain Gang' is the latest smash hit from MoneyTrain Recordings! We're glad we had the chance to promote this!

'MoneyTrain Gang' has a real hip-hop vibe, very filthy and catchy. Definitely something we could vibe to in the car, at the gym, or in the club. The flow is crazy good. On beat, catchy, and lyrics on point. The song is a masterpiece. 

The mix is also great. Very clean and crisp with the typical sounds you'd expect in a hip hop song. Big bass, catchy piano/pad melody and crisp percussion accompanies the vocals very well. The whole song in general fits well together, and nothing seems out of place. Definitely something that I could hear in the mainstream Hip-Hop scene alongside the other big guys right now.

Take a listen to this heat below:

Music ReviewDamian Barbu