Jamie Blink - Young (prod. Young Taylor)

We sure have a treat for you today! This artist is a master at his craft, providing a consistent signature sound with awesome vibes. Over the past week he's been blowing up, specifically his song 'Young'. After working with Boost he's received well over 10k plays on the song and deserves every single play he received and then some.

The artist, no doubt is Jamie Blink. We believe he's got everything it takes to become the next big thing! Today we'd like to share with you one of his hit songs mentioned above and go in a little detail about what makes them so great.

Jamie Blink's song 'Young' is heat. Its perfect blend of chilled out vibes and emotion takes you to a different place. The beat is crisp, punchy, light, and is meshed wonderfully with the expertly designed melody. What makes this one stand out in my opinion is the great sound effects that lift the production to a new level. This one definitely deserves a listen.

Music ReviewDamian Barbu