Make Friends 10x as Fast in the Music Industry!

Make friend 10x as Fast in the Music Industry!


As we’ve stated before at Boost Collective, friends are everything! They can help you as they get their own connections and opportunities. Ideally, you want as many great friends as possible.  


The best way way to make friends once you’ve mastered how to approach someone is to start rapid firing! Look through their profiles and see what they’ve been up to! You have bond over more than just music!  


Now the juicy stuff! It’s pretty obvious, yet most people don’t think of it! Your new friends must know others! Look to what you could benefit from. A graphic design friend, a producer friend. Ask your new friends if they know any of those kinds of people. Get them to tell you names. Approach them! Make more friends!  

This is a great way to get the upper edge on other musicians. Knowing the right people is everything! 


We go in-depth on how to make connections in our FREE comprehensive PDF. Download it here: