A Success Story With Boost Collective - Miggy

We’ve helped hundreds of musicians succeed. Here’s just one Boost Collective success story.

Over the last year we have had the honor to work with so many talented musicians. One in particular has become one of our friends, and we' wanted to ask how he got to become so successful! We’re happy to introduce Miguel Russel, also known as his alias Miggy. Below is our back and forth:

Q1: I'd like to know where you started out and where you draw inspiration from. You are on the grind just like most other aspiring musicians correct?

Ans: Well back in 2007 I made the decision to jump into dance music after a year of getting influenced by friends and stuff I was hearing online freshman year of high school. But what really sparked my curiosity was hearing Daft Punk for the first time and learning about how they produce and perform. I knew I wanted to DJ but I also wanted to create all the weird but groovy sounds I was hearing but throw my own style on top using all the knowledge I had gained from playing the trumpet and being in band and basic music theory along with being around my mother who had been in a band growing up playing the moog synth. Most of my early influences were all European guys like Stephan Bodzin, Justice, Bloody Beetroots, Haezer, The Toxic Avenger. They have such a raw, dark presence about them which peeked my interest heavily. Oh every day I'm grinding whether its creating new tracks, sound designing, searching for new artist and music to follow, or networking I'm constantly moving. It's the only way I know honestly and for me its half the fun and thrill. I personally try to open my DAW every day. Never know when inspiration my land you.

Q2: We all go through our musical ups and downs. What motivates you to keep going and to work on music?

Ans: My motivation comes from the just purely wanting to see what I can create or manipulate from previous projects. My making music has turned into sort of a television series for me where I'm waiting for the next episode to see what new realm is discovered if that makes sense. Once I found out how infinite sound really is I kinda went wild. And now I find myself composing more and more and trying to build a story around these sounds I create.

Q3: When did you hear first about Boost Collective, and what made you decide to work with us?

Ans: Well it was New Years 2017 when I got an email from Damian talking about how he had been kinda following my music a bit and wanted to help me gain some knowledge along with spreading my sound to way more people than I could imagine. At the time I was working on an EP and was feeling very confident about where my style was going. So naturally I was accepted his offer in the hopes of finally gaining a good contact to help pursue this dream of mine.

Q4: What has your experience been like so far with us? 

Ans: 2019 marks a full year of us going back and forth on tracks, reaching thousands of listeners, gaining valuable tips on production, and all the while comfortably creating and networking has been the best experience for me. And I truly thank the team for giving such a opportunity to really dive into the music industry. Only way from here is up!

since my transition with Boost Collective I’ve been signed with a Label in Switzerland, and have plans with a few other labels as well.
— -MiggY

Q5: Where are you in your career now in comparison to before Boost?

Ans: Before Boost, I was just blindly sending my demos here and there, not really caring about the outcome. Just experimenting and pushing my own boundaries. But now I've definitely been taking way more time to really make sure everything about my productions is clean and actually worthy of playback. And since my transition with Boost Collective I've been signed with a Label in Switzerland, and have plans with a few other labels as well. Not to mention my recent branding opportunity I've gained. So safe to say that my career is going in the right direction.

Q6: Where do you plan to be in the future with your career?

Ans: Future wise as in this year I see myself releasing a huge amount of music with a lot of different people, for sure on a slight tour once it gets warm again. And hopefully designing some really awesome merch, along with a game development side venture. I've got a lot of great things in the works that will keep me focused as well as happy for the outcome of my own hard work.

Q7: To someone reading this, why should they make the move to work with Boost as you have?

Ans: For newcomers I think working with Boost is a great ice - breaker because you'll be able to not only gain some good feedback on projects but the team will guide you in the direction best fitted for the artist. Plus it's way better than getting turned away by labels or just sending stuff out not really knowing if it's getting heard. Not to mention the packages aren't as pricey and with careful budgeting you can get on a regular releasing schedule if need be.

Q8: And finally, anything new in the works that you want to announce?

Ans: And as for upcoming stuff I've actually already released a track outta of Matrix Music Records entitled "Psycho - Jet" which is available on Traxsource and Spotify. Then next month I'll be finishing up my next EP project entitled "Vault 909", along side a stream of singles I've got worked out. Plus some cool collabs I cant fully talk about yet, and a mini line of custom tees I'll be putting out in the spring. So lock it in your gonna be seeing a lot more from Miggy. Thanks for letting me rant and I hope it was insightful enough or at least sparked alittle fire of creativity. Big ups to Damian, Ronan, and the entire Boost Collective team ya'll got the juice !!

Check out Miggy:

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/m-ggy-4

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bpmsurfer/

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