The 15 Best Rap Blogs to Send Your Music To

The Best Rap Blogs to Get Your Music Heard

We’ve scoured the internet to find the best and biggest rap blogs you MUST send your music to. These blogs get up to tens of thousands of hits daily, so your music has a chance at getting heard free of charge.

All you have to do is copy-paste the emails below and email these blogs with your music.

How to Send an Email The Blog Would Love

So you must not only have good music, but you must write an effective, professional email to lets the blogs know that you mean business. Here are some guidelines to write an email the blogs would love:

  1. Have a professional-sounding subject

  2. Write a personalized body test, but make sure it’s short and sweet! Let the music do the talking

  3. do NOT send your song file. Blogs hate that and will typically not listen to your song. Instead, send the Soundcloud link to your song in the email.

  4. Make sure the email sounds personal, and it’s written in a way that seems professional. Blogs don’t listen to emails that don't look serious.

  5. No spelling errors! Make sure your grammar is correct

The Top Rap Blogs to Submit to:

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