5x Your Plays on Soundcloud FAST! - Video

Ronan of Boost Collective gives us an insider look on how to get more plays on Soundcloud. He will show you the way to find other artists to partner with to grow and become big!

He explains in depth on how to increase your plays on Soundcloud, yet most artists get it wrong. To get his right, you must be able to dedicate at least one hour a day of personal interactions with others. Here’s how to go about effectively applying this strategy:

1. Visit Soundcloud and search a common keyword in most song titles in your niche. For example, search ‘Original Mix’ if you’re looking to network with house/EDM producers.

2. Filter these results to find fellow aspiring artists. Set the upload date to be the ‘Past Week’ , and pick the genre of the niche you want to network with

3. Now, you’ll have a list of artists like you. Comment effectively, drop a like, and a follow on the songs you see. I recommend doing 50 a day. Recall our Network Etiquette rule, before you take, you must give. 4. If you showed meaningful affection to their music, you’ll very likely get the same love back! Get more plays on Soundcloud with this strategy!

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