Best 3 Ways to Get Free Soundcloud Promotion

Soundcloud is arguably one of the most important platform musicians need to be using. It’s what many big artists like Lil Pump used to get to fame. Even though many may say Soundcloud is going out of fashion, the stats say otherwise. In fact, more people than ever before use Soundcloud to stream music, and it is absolutely crucial to have your music on the platform.

The importance of promotion

Soundcloud promotion is one of those things we don’t like to talk about as musicians. Some people say it’s cheating, or that it’s fake, or that it’s not fair. Others use the promotion to reach new heights of success in their careers. Regardless of what anyone says, working hard to make sure your music is being seen on Soundcloud is a must, and hence why Soundcloud promotion is so important.

In fact, major artists like Lil Nas X and Trill Sammy started their careers on Soundcloud.

Getting plays, likes and reposts help boost your ranking both on Google and Soundcloud itself. It’s absolutely necessary to get Soundcloud promotion if you want to succeed as an artist.

It’s not necessary to pay for promotion, even though it is recommended if you have the money to invest. If your budget is low and you need that initial push on Soundcloud, there are many ways you can go about promoting yourself for free. Below we’ve compiled the three best ways to get free Soundcloud Promotion.

Share Your Music on Facebook Groups

This is a great way to start. Join 10-20 Facebook groups dedicated to Soundcloud and your music genre, and share your music there. Be careful, you shouldn’t just spam your link as nobody will listen. I recommend you comment on songs that were already posted and give love before sharing your link.

The more love you give, the more love you get. This method takes some time, sure, but you’ll be able to get a small boost if you’re just starting out.

Free Repost Promotion

Getting reposted by big accounts on Soundcloud is a surefire way to improve your exposure. You can get your song reposted on our secondary account and get 100 plays completely free. The mini promo campaign gets you a repost on our ~5,000 follower Soundcloud account, so this is something you definitely don’t want to miss if you’re looking for free Soundcloud promotion.

All you gotta do is visit our page and follow the steps to get the promotion. This is great if you want a quick burst of exposure on your song. Click here!

Use the Playlist Booster Method

We came up with this cool strategy a while back, and it’s been wildly successful for everyone that implemented it correctly. It basically involves you strategically posting your music within playlists with popular songs that are about to release - converting the popular song’s hype to promoting your music.

We love this strategy because it’s so effective when you get it right. We made a video and article explaining how to implement this strategy yourself. You can watch it here.


To recap, presence Soundcloud is crucial to succeed as a musician, and getting promotion is important. Even if you don’t have the funds to invest in an actual Soundcloud promotion campaign, there are many ways to get free promotion.

Post your music in Facebook Groups, get a free promotion from us, and use the Playlist Booster Method. We wish you the best of luck, go kill the game!