Boost Your SoundCloud Plays 300% With this Strategy!

Our research team at Boost Collective consistently create and build crazy SoundCloud strategies to gain exposure, but this one is surely a innovative hidden gem, and this is definitely one you don't want to miss out on. 

Appropriately named the Playlist booster, the method involves simple playlist grouping methods along with playlist duping. Pair this with our other Soundcloud strategies, you've got the recipe for success. Let's dive into how to get more plays on Soundcloud with this!

Before we begin, be sure you’re employing the Soundcloud Golden rules - the keys you need to succeed that made rappers like Trill Sammy and Lil Nas X succeed.

Here’s how it’s done: 

Step 1: Find a song in the same genre as yours that lots of people are searching for. The goal is to do it the day the song comes out so that you are the first to do it. 

Step 2: Make a playlist titled the song you founds name. If it’s Post Malone’s “Rockstar” then call the playlist: Post Malone - Rockstar. 

Step 3: Add the song to the playlist. In this example add Post Malone - Rockstar. 

Step 4: This is where the magic happens. Add your track underneath 'Rockstar' it in the playlist You created.  (You may be able to get away with adding up to 3 more of your own tracks.

Step 5: Do this process again, but this time make your duplicated playlists called different names that people would search. For example: Post Rockstar, Rockstar, Post Malone Rockstar, 21 Savage Rockstar. You can keep at this until you’ve dominated the search. I would recommend having a pro account so that your playlists aren’t at the top of your profile. You want to do this as anyone searching for the popular song will land on your playlist, subsequently listening to your music later.

Why this works: You may be wondering what is the reasoning for doing this. Basically, when a top song in your genre comes out, you make a playlist and you add the song AS SOON AS IT RELEASES to your playlist, and name the playlist the same as the song's title. This leads to people looking for that song to click on the playlist you created. They'll listen to the top song you added, and then they'll listen to yours as Soundcloud does autoplay in playlists. As long as the popular song's genre is the same as your's, you'll be getting big exposure from mainstream fans.

Apply this correctly, and you will get heard on Soundcloud by many more people!

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