Get a Record Deal Using These 3 Essential Steps

What It Means To Be On A Record Label

Getting on a label means a lot. It grants you access to many perks that you may not have releasing music on your own. Being on a label not only helps you look more professional to others, but there is a deep sense of pride getting your first record deal. 

Here’s a deeper look into what labels do to help their artists. Labels get high traffic to their site which tells search engines such as google, that the label is a good source to pull information from. Getting a spot on a label will help you with your optimization on search results if your label includes your name in blog posts or on a roster list page.

Next, labels provide cover art for you. This is beneficial as instead of ripping photos you don’t own the rights to off of google, you will be able to use the artwork that the label provides you. All your art and metadata is taken care of for you!

What seals the deal even more, is the fact that the label is able to push your tracks into stores such as Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Pandora, Tidal and more!

What It Means to get a Record Deal

When we speak about getting a record deal, there are a few different things that can be different depending on the wants of the label. Usually, the label will send you a non-exclusive recording agreement. This is an agreement in which you sign your track over to the label to help you with all the perks mentioned above. Since it’s non exclusive, you are not forced to release with the label any further if you don’t want to.

An exclusive agreement would be the opposite. It would have you agreeing on how many tracks are to be recorded and for how long you are to be partnered with the respective label. An exclusive agreement is usually offered with even more perks such as large promotion campaigns, booking opportunities and more. That isn’t to say that non-exclusive agreements can’t spawn those opportunities as well though!

When you are signing the track to the label, usually you will agree or get to work out a royalty split in which you decide the percent of royalties you want to keep of your track. 

How Can I Get A Record Deal?

Getting a record deal can seem like an uphill climb at first. To many music artists, it can seem like an unachievable goal or something far off in the future, however with many up and coming artists, this is mentality is changing, and with the right sound and dedication you can have a fighting chance at getting a record deal!

Below we have compiled 3 steps to getting your first record deal. At Boost Collective, we have had the privilege of working with artists on labels, and we are fortunate enough to be able to get behind the scenes on the steps they took to get singed.

Step 1: Strive for quality

This first step seems like a no brainer right? The fact is, many artists just aren’t quite there yet when it comes to being at the top level. Improving your skills as a musician is essential to securing your spot on a record label. The labels won’t want to take you if your music is not up to par with the likes of the chart toppers. 

It is important to always be asking around for a second opinion to make sure that you are always coming out with unique, impactful and quality music.

Many artists that we have worked with have told us that after they improved their music, promoting it and seeking opportunity was much easier as people are more likely to listen longer and to become actual fans. Labels want fans to be able to stick around with not only your music but other music on the label. Make sure you don’t miss out on this vital step.

Don’t forget that you can always make use of other articles and videos online to learn new techniques and skills!

Step 2: Build a marketable brand

Record labels are looking for a musician that understands that music is like a business. You need to appeal to others in a certain way. The sooner you are able to create a persona for yourself or an image that you want others to see, you will be on the right track. Labels will appreciate when you are easily marketable. If you aren’t marketable, the label most likely won’t care too much about working with you.

A good thing to keep in mind is that the quality of your music isn’t always the only thing that matters. Keeping a good balance between stellar music and a good brand will help you succeed in music. A phenomenal source that we really gravitated to was Music Clout’s article entitled “The Importance of Branding as Recording Artists”.

According to Music Clout, “Think how much power there are in bands that have a “mission” to change something. Think how much you would gain more loyal fans if your music and brand will stand for something meaningful.

Attach this identity into everything your music connects to, and I mean everything. Just a little simplified list:

  • rhythms

  • chords

  • lyrics

  • videos

  • webmarketing

  • images and “cover arts”

  • distribution channels

  • collaborations

  • outfits

  • live shows

  • mobile apps

Create a symbol and a short message that signifies you. Create deeper meaning to that message and try to change the world to a better place. Even just a little bit.

With these steps, I guarantee people will remember you much better” (Music Clout).

To get a specific grasp on the elements needed to cover the branding side of your music project, you can read the full Music Clout article here.

Step 3: Network to obtain connections

As you might be fully aware, the music industry is fueled by connections and networking. Ever heard of the saying “It’s all about who you know”? We recommend getting a firm grasp on networking within the music industry. Conveniently, we’ve put together the “Ultimate Guide to Networking in the Music Industry” You can read the guide here.

To quote Burstimo’s article on getting signed, “The easiest place to find A&R’s from the major labels is using Linkedin, the search function will allow you to search for people based on the organisation they work at and their job role. You can then connect with them, and update your Linkedin statuses with valuable information that they’d be interested in as well as plugging your music.

We don’t recommend contacting them directly on Linkedin as they’re constantly bombarded in this area. One tip is once you’re connected with them, go to their profile and click “Contact info”, it will display their email address which will allow you to reach out to them personally” (Burstimo, 2019).

The reason why I came to this point is that it is so underlooked. When’s the last time someone in the music industry told you to make use of the business social media Linkedin to find connections? The fact that this method is practically untouched by 99% of music artists means that you reading this has a huge opportunity to go and take advantage of this powerful strategy.

To read the full Burstimo article, you can click here

Our Opportunity To You!

Luckily, at Boost Collective we are able to use our resources to create opportunity for artists. From our success in music marketing campaigns, we’ve decided to launch a record label to be able to help all of you! 

To get in on the action, we’d love to hear what you can do. We’re sure that with some dedication we can get working with you to help you out with those perks that come in clutch as mentioned at the start of the article! 

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Alright, now that you have made it this far, let’s go over everything so that you don’t forget. Remember, record labels are able to provide you with powerful perks that prove to be extremely useful. Labels can help you with store releases. Record Labels are able to send you two different agreements, non exclusive and exclusive.

There are 3 key steps to obtaining a spot on a label. 1. Always look to improve your music’s quality and uniqueness. 2. Build a marketable brand around you and your music. 3. Network with other artists and use linkedin to find people that work as artist relations for labels. Boost Collective wants to give you a chance through Boost Recs, and you can submit to get a record deal from us here.

Before you go, don’t forget that Boost Collective is on your side and was founded upon helping artists reach their success goals. We couldn’t be happier that you are viewing this content! For ways you can help support us, we always appreciate if you check out more articles by us, which you can find by clicking the button below!