Get Google To Recognize You As a Legitimate Artist! (6 Steps To Get a Google Musician Profile)

What’s Included In This Article?

In this content piece from Boost Collective, we’re going to be looking at why it is important to show up on google search as a music artist. We will also be going over the steps necessary to get google to recognize you as a legitimate artist.

One thing that comes to mind when observing an artist is whether they have effectively built infrastructure on the internet. It all comes down to this question. If I google your name, will you come up in the search results? What about you is showing up in those results?

Social Media is another crucial medium through which to express yourself as a musician. We go into depths about how to use social media to your advantage here.

What is a Google Musician Profile?

A musician profile on Google is a central hub that contains pictures, social media links, an artist biography, interesting facts, you're popular and new music as well as other artists others search for related to you in the industry. See below for an example.

Drake’s Google Musician Profile

Drake’s Google Musician Profile


Why is it important to have one?

By following the steps below to get a musician profile, you would be genuinely setting yourself up with some good infrastructure pillars for individuals growing google to find your music and what you are all about. Not to mention it looks professional!

So, how is it done?

There are a few essential steps to getting your profile on the search results. Before we dive in I want to clearly state that It is important to recognize that time is the ultimate factor in this process. After you set up the necessary requirements, it may take some time for the profile to appear and build up. Most profiles start off without any artist pictures. Commonly you will see: Artist (Artist Name) with maybe a song or two underneath for very small artists. Everyone has to start somewhere!

Step 1: Get multiple tracks on digital stores. Google play store for music is a great place to start. Why not start with the service from the platform you are trying to show up on right? There are a few ways to get on the stores. You can go and distribute your tracks using a music distribution service or you can go through a label. Going through a label is the prime option as the labels will know the best way to enter effective meta data for you. Make sure you keep an eye out for a new label project we will be introducing soon!

Step 2: After you have tracks on the digital stores, it’s time to take control of your profiles on these stores. The two I would recommend going for first would be Google play music and Spotify.

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Step 3: After you have claimed your profiles, you will have to spend some time ensuring the profiles are uptown top notch quality. That includes: writing yourself a comprehensive bio for yourself, uploading multiple pictures (do not upload cover art pictures, make sure they relate to your brand. Example: portrait pictures, brand themed pictures).

Step 4: Upload your tracks to your YouTube channel and make sure your channel is professionally laid out with your comprehensive bio and all. Your tracks on YouTube are inclined to show up first. Make sure your channel is set to a music channel in the settings. Always title your tracks in the following format: Artist Name - Track Name. A big help would be to have other youtube music channels upload your track with the same format to their channel.

Step 5: Find a music blog to write an article on you linking to a song of yours from YouTube as well as providing a picture of you in the article. A lot of music blogs can get featured on google’s news tab. By having a news source talk about you, it will contribute to filling out information for the profile on Google.

Step 6: Start attracting some eyes. You will need to start raising your play counts and carrying out some marketing campaigns. We want google search to be able to know there are people expressing interest in you. Luckily we at Boost Collective know a thing or two about music captivation. We can help you run powerful promotion campaigns for SoundCloud. We even assign you a campaign manager to make sure you get the most out of the campaign.

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Best of luck getting your profile to appear on Google Search Results! By following these steps you can only benefit from them! Keep working hard to build as much infrastructure for your music project as you can. You won’t regret it.

- Boost Collective Team