7 Ways to Get Heard on Soundcloud (Why Promotion Matters)

Let’s face it. Soundcloud is one of the largest music streaming platforms on the planet. With millions of daily listeners, the odds are your future fans are on the platform waiting for you.

Recently, there’s been a trend of musicians uploading on Soundcloud getting massive exposure and becoming mainstream stars. Lil Pump was nothing more than a Soundcloud rapper, and made it big. Trill Sammy is in the same boat. Don’t forget bout Lil Nas X, who a year ago was just a kid uploading his music consistently on Soundcloud. Now, he’s signed on with Sony Music and is at the top of the game.

My point? Soundcloud seems to be a common starting point for many successful musicians, and this is no coincidence. Let’s dive into the best ways to get heard on Soundcloud, and why Soundcloud promotion matters.

How Musicians Starting on Soundcloud Become Famous

You may be wondering: Fine, there are indeed some rappers who got famous and started on Soundcloud, but they may just be anomalies! Think of the millions of musicians on Soundcloud who never succeed. I thought the same way, until I did some research. After looking at the successful musicians who started on Soundcloud, there are some very clear patterns that appear.

Lil Pump, Lil Nas X, and other successes all had things in common that helped them gain massive amounts of listeners on Soundcloud before they blew up (which we’ll explain below). Their push to boost their exposure on Soundcloud led to a compound effect - more listeners shared it to more friends, and they shared it further, etc.

By growing their exposure, the chance of a Label Manager finding the song increases massively. All you need is one Label Manager to listen to your song for your big break.

Getting Heard on Soundcloud is Crucial to Success

Let’s sum up: Every big artist who started on Soundcloud followed the same patterns to get plays on Soundcloud which led to a Label Manager (or other high up in the industry) to hear their music and sign them on.

It is clear that getting traction on Soundcloud massively increases your chances of getting your big break.

In this article, we'll go over the best ways to increase the number of plays you’re getting on Soundcloud, the same way all the other successful musicians have.

The Best Methods of Soundcloud Promotion

There are tons of ways to go about increasing your exposure on Soundcloud. From repost promotion, to paid campaigns, to hidden hacks and strategies, you’ve got options. We’ll go in depth on the best methods of getting heard.

We recommend you use every method listed below, at least once. They are all effective to an extent, and vary depending on your situation. By trying every method, you’ll see which ways work better for you.

After determining the best methods that work for you, stick with the 3 best strategies of Soundcloud promotion and continue using those.

Let’s take a look at our favorite strategies at getting heard on Soundcloud:

Follow the Basic Guidelines & Principles

There are some basic guidelines you must follow in order to guarantee a boost in exposure. These guidelines act like the base of your Soundcloud promo strategy - get them right, and you’ll have a strong base from which the other methods will work amazingly. Ignore these guidelines, and it’ll be likely the other methods won’t be as effective as they could be.

Basic Guidelines to Follow:

  • Catchy and memorable artist name

  • Consistent releases of your music (once a week, once a month, etc)

  • Attractive banner and profile pic

  • Fully filled out bio explaining your history and success

  • Custom Soundcloud profile URL

  • Add Tags to your songs

  • Fully filled out your song’s description and other data

Boost Collective Soundcloud Account

Ethical Guidelines to Follow:

  • No spamming your Soundcloud anywhere

  • Always give more value to other than you take

  • Be kind, respectful, and supportive to other musicians (they’ll show love back!)

  • Be persistent and try again and again (things usually never work the first time)

  • Try new strategies, even if you aren’t fond of the idea (the results are what matter)

Nail all these guidelines and you’ll already be well on your way to success.

Share Your Music on Social Media

This is one of the most overlooked way to get initial exposure on your Soundcloud, and if you share your music the right way, you can see some solid results. We’ll focus on three main Social media channels: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

To share your song on Facebook or Twitter, use the share buttons found right on your song:

You can share your music on Facebook and Twitter through the Soundcloud share buttons. These should help you get more exposure on Soundcloud.

To share your song on Instagram, you’ll need the Soundcloud app. In the app, navigate to your song and click ‘share to Instagram’:

Share Your Soundcloud Link on Instagram - Boost Collective

Don’t overlook this strategy. You already have a network of friends, family, and colleagues. Why not make the most out of it for a free boost in Soundcloud stats?

Use Facebook Groups to Increase Engagement

Facebook groups can be a great way to network with other musicians, find new fans, and gain exposure on your music. Here’s a basic overview of how to use Facebook groups:

  1. Join 10-20 Facebook groups by searching them up via Facebook. Searching with terms like ‘Soundcloud’, ‘Hip Hop’, ‘Music Sharing’ will find you some groups.

  2. Share your music on these groups consistently and with the guidelines in mind: no spamming your link only and give more than you take.

Facebook Groups are an absolute goldmine when it comes to finding connections that can help you get seen on Soundcloud. It’s just a matter of getting the right principles down and following them at all times.

Here are some good principles you should follow on Facebook Groups:

  • Before sharing your song on a group, show love on at least 3 posts from other musicians and ask for support back

  • Never post just your link - nobody will listen to your song. Add a solid description and image.

  • Become involved in every Facebook Group you join. This will help you become a leader in the group and may even get you to admin status!

For an in-depth look at how to use Facebook groups to your advantage, click here.

Be an Active Soundcloud User

Being an active member of the Soundcloud community has many benefits and it’s often overlooked by most. By supporting other musicians on the platform, you’ll be helped out too. Here are some ways to be a consistently active member on Soundcloud:

  • Support music uploaded by smaller musicians and ask for support back

  • Like, comment, share and repost other music on Soundcloud regularly

  • Message other musicians on the platform to plan mutual reciprocity

  • Reply back to every comment you get on your music

  • Subscribe to Soundcloud Pro

Being involved in the Soundcloud community will not only help make your music more visible, but will incite other musicians to want to help you in the form of mutual reciprocity!

Invest in a Soundcloud Marketing Campaign

There are many services online dedicated to helping musicians gain massive exposure on Soundcloud. These services can give you tens of thousands of plays and massive attention, for a fee of course. Soundcloud marketing campaigns are great if you don’t want to spend time on marketing your music.

Unfortunately, there are many shady, unreliable, and unprofessional services that do not deliver what they promise. You must be vigilant what sites you visit that promise these such services. To ensure you’re on a credible Soundcloud promotion site, check if:

  • The site looks modern and professional

  • The URL of the site starts with https:// (this means it’s a secure site)

  • The URL ends in .com or .ca

  • They have real testimonals, reviews, and support

Boost Collective is an example of a professional, reliable, and effective way of getting massive Soundcloud promotion. Every campaign includes a money-back guarantee, a dedicated campaign manager, and 24/7 support.

These promotion campaigns usually work like this: You order a campaign for as many plays as you desire (eg. 10,000 plays, 5,000 plays) for one song of your choice. After ordering, you’ll be getting reposted on the marketing company’s main Soundcloud account, and they begin marketing your music on Soundcloud.

If you have money to invest and don’t want to waste time promoting your music, a Soundcloud promotion campaign may be a great idea.


Getting plays, likes, followers, reposts on Soundcloud is crucial to your success as a musician, regardless of what genre you’re in. Soundcloud is a HUGE platform with millions of listeners (and potential fans!). By investing your time, money, and effort into making your Soundcloud account be the best it can be, your chance at fame increases dramatically.

All the strategies above were employed by now famous artists that once were just any other aspiring musician on Soundcloud. Follow the guidelines, employ the strategies, and you’ll be blowing up in no time!

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