Get Your Music Heard by Networking With Others!

We believe that talking & interacting a great deal with other musicians is really the key to get more fans and get more plays on Soundcloud.

Let’s start off with how bigger artists perceive you when you approach them.

The sad truth is that the big guys who you strive to have conversations with are not always excited or thrilled to hear what you have to say. These people get a lot of messages. Your goal is to catch them off guard to make them believe that you are a different person in the sea of other people trying to do the same you are. We go in depth on how to send meaningful private messages here.

The of the music industry like a jungle. You have animals at the top of the food chain as well as animals struggling at the bottom. You want to be the one that dominates.  Those animals that are able to dominate get to become king of the jungle. You want to get into the mindset of becoming a lion. To become the lion you must always be learning the new tactics.

Think about this... When approaching someone that you want to get in contact with, instead of saying 'hey what’s up, how are you doing I love your music', start off by making a personal connection. Try to grasp what they like and then build on it.

Build a true friendship with someone and you’ll get what you’re looking for. That's the key.

As mentioned before I told you, there are so many people doing what you want to do. Once you’re able to master the skill of approaching people that you want to get in contact with, and once you’re able to impress these people,  A whole new world opens up to you at your fingertips! So many doors will open.  Hey man do you need a graphic designer, I’ve got you! Hey man I’ve got a guy who is really really good at mixing vocals I’ll give you his contact! Hey man I know the owner of Island records I’ll hook you up! Learn more on how to correctly talk to different people in the industry here.

These are things you want to aim for. These are things you need to aim for. These are how are you are going to win!

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