How To Diversify Your Content As A Music Artist In 2019

The Truth

It’s 2019 and cutting through all that noise on social media can be extremely difficult. Now that there are so many aspiring rappers, producers, singers and more out there, one must realize that it takes a lot more than what most are doing to really gain some presence in the music space. Luckily for artists in 2019, with a little creativity and drive, dominance can be obtained on social media as an artist!

Stop Doing These

Before we dive into some examples and strategies, we must first recognize what is commonly done and why it doesn’t work.

For starters, the “check out my track, link in bio” post you usually find on Instagram is still the most popular self promotion fail out there. It is sad to see that so many artists are still making these posts. Instagram insights of artist profiles making these kinds of posts see that it probably wasn’t even worth wasting the time to make that type of post in the first place. If anything, making the “check out my new track” post could be hurting your brand image and your reach. Out of the artist we spoke with, all of them said they thought these posts were annoying, and all agreed that they don’t take action upon seeing them.

The next post we see often is the follow for follow post. Since stories were introduced, they’ve more moved from actual posts to story posts. The reason these don’t work is based off the audience you are trying to reach. As an artist, it’s safe to assume you are looking for potential fans. The ways of reaching users in the music scene using these posts usually involve hashtags. Other artist are using the tags, not your potential fans. Follow for follow posts just aren’t effective. Not to mention that they look very unprofessional.

You must also be on all the top social media platforms if you’re to succeed. We go over the best platforms and how to use them here.

Start Doing These

It’s important to recognize that most aspiring artists are not diversifying the things they post. By this I mean that they post random posts very inconsistently. To get to the next level, you have to be able to get a few different styles of posts that you make regularly with your own twist on them. Making these consistently along with some proper promotion techniques can garner you the success you’re seeking.

Our picks for effective posts:

  1. Scenic Portrait

A scenic portrait can consist of you in an interesting setting. Getting more pictures of yourself frequently, being once a week is important. You want potential fans to get used to seeing you. This builds up their recognition when they see you. If they tap like on this style of post twice, they’re more likely to always like the picture every-time they see it. The scenic element keeps the picture fresh and captures attention through color and objects in the background. It helps when users are scrolling their feeds. The scenic portrait is trusty and reliable and always will be.

2. Personal Events

There is nothing fans like seeing more than a look into your personal life. Post interesting content on your birthday utilizing a post to your socials as well as a story post documenting your important days. People psychologically relate to even little things on a personal level. If you love going to Starbucks at 6:30 AM, may as well utilize your story and let it be known. It’s content after-all, and in 2019 we’ve seen the big movement in “relatable” content. Get sharing things you do in your daily life!

3. Shout-out things you like

If you come across something you like, go ahead and share it to your story with a meaningful message! The person will see it and will never forget it. This is especially a good way to get fans to listen to new material. Get them to tag you in their story listening to your new track. Share their video to your story and I guarantee you’ll have a lifelong fan! Same can be said with fan art, meaningful comments made on your posts and more! Make others feel good!


Wait… Are you not posting memes? The occasional meme can totally boost your organic reach! Not only do people react to memes, but they share them to group chats and friends! If that isn’t an easy way to reach a few extra people with little effort than I don’t know what is! Meme’s aren’t leaving anytime soon so get sharing memes! Just make sure your account doesn’t become a meme page as you don’t want to ruin your target audience you’re trying to build. It can be easy to fill up on memes after seeing the huge reach they get!

5. Motivational Posts & Videos

We live in a stressful world. It can be easy to continuously procrastinate to unhealthy levels. Why not use your power to influence others! People actually appreciate these kind of posts! They will also feel a stronger connection with you! We all need a little motivation at times, and there isn’t enough content being posted in the music space!

These types of posts can consist of you in front of the camera giving a motivational push or pep talk, featuring an award you received through doing music and using the caption to inspire. Get creative! These posts are very strong and effective!

When To Post

Make sure you make use of your Instagram insights to find out where your main audience is. See the timezone that most of your traffic is coming from. Using this knowledge, try to post at one of these times in that time zone: 12 PM, 3PM, 5PM. These are the best times generally to post. If your audience is older is age (can also be found in insights), make sure to post at 5PM as the post will generally get seen more. Younger audiences work at all 3 times generally equally.

On top of knowing the time to post, we recommend that you post frequently! Try your absolute best to keep to a schedule so that every week is very similar. Posting every single day can be beneficial, however you may run out of all your options too fast to think up and prepare new content. We recommend posting every other day or close to that!

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