How to Make Your Rap Music Sound Professional!

Making your music sound professional is crucial to your success. Whether you make rap, trap, EDM, or House, making sure your music sounds as good as the pros is important!

The process of making your music sound professional starts at the actual creation phase. You need to start off on the right foot so to speak! Here are some things you should think about:

-Are you recording your raps, vocals, etc with a good quality mic?

-Do you know the key and BPM of the song you’re creating?

The beat of your song matters.

If you’re a rapper, you need good, high resolution, professional beats to accompany your rap vocals. It’s easy to think that it’s only the rap that matters, but that’s far from the truth. The beat is what lets your vocals shine through, and what makes or breaks your song.

You can buy a single beat online or hire a producer, if you have the money to spend (these tend to be very expensive). NEVER use free beats, as everyone tends to use them and they usually download in bad quality. I recommend using a monthly beats service, where you get beats sent to you every month, and you can choose which ones to use. They are also the cheapest way to get access to good beats. Boost Beats sends you 20 beats a month, always in high quality, and you get an unlimited lease to all beats. Not only that, the membership is as cheap as a Netflix membership. Check em out!

Mixing and mastering is crucial.

Once you got a beat and you’re ready to rap on it, make sure you rap at the same BPM and key as the beat you’re using, so the raps flow. In your DAW, you must adjust the volume of the beat and the vocals to appropriate levels, as well as using the equalizer to adjust the separate sound frequencies to ensure the rap sits on top of the beat nicely. You must also use a limiter and compressor plugin to ensure your song is as loud as the professional stuff. Tweak the compressor and other volume editors to make your song sound as good as the popular stuff.

If you’re not skilled in this mixing/mastering area and just want to stick with rapping, you can use LANDR, an automating mixing and mastering service where you upload your song and they make it sound as loud as the mainstream songs.


It’s not hard! You can make your music sound as good as the biggest rappers’ hits! Focus on these main points:

-Use professional beats you have rights too (psst Boost Beats)

-Mix and master your song either on your own or with the help of mixing/mastering service.

Hope this helps everyone out! We look forward to hearing the great music you’ll be making.

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