Make Money From Your Music! A Great Tip.

Often times it’s a struggle to find an income from being a musician. No matter how difficult it may seem, there are viable pathways you can take! Let's dive and in find out how you can make money from your music!


First it should be said that you must get out of the habit of trying to sell your music on iTunes... We hate to say it, but people rarely buy music these days. Do not rely solely on iTunes or Amazon song downloads to make you your riches. Instead, look to what you can do right now! What are you good at that takes others time to learn? Ever considered teaching? 


Giving lessons on production, lyric writing, playing the piano or the guitar amounts to some serious cash! When trying this out, what seems to work is you being forceful and resilient! Go to people you know and tell them you’ll give a free lesson. If it goes well let them know they can pay you for your time! Win win for everyone!


Face it! How many hours have you spent perfecting your craft! You are a bank of useful knowledge. You are worth that $50-$100 a lesson. Be forceful and get to where you want! Don’t be afraid of getting the cold shoulder.

There are many more ways to make a living through music and the sky is the limit! Now go out there and step your game up! 

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