Networking Secret to Get Your Music Heard!

Networking With Others is Easier Than You Think!

It’s easy to see that people look up to other people. This is especially true in the music industry. There are plenty of large musicians in every genre, and getting to know them can build a bridge to a sea of connections and knowledge. 

This all sounds splendid! But beneath the surface it can be difficult. Very difficult. First, let’s get one thing straightened out. Artists that are at the next level get contacted a lot. Not to mention they are hit up on multiple social platforms. To get their attention, measures will need to be taken to shake things up. Let's die into how to network in the music industry.

Step 1: Understand that when you first message someone, your just one person of many.  

Step 2: Avoid generic flattery. Too often do people make their first approach a stale compliment. Artists get plenty of compliments. You need to know how to act in different situations.

Example:  “Hey bro your new track is fire!” Avoid this!

Step 3: Ask personal questions instead of music related at the beginning. An artist would rather have a fun friendly conversation rather then knowing they’re being baited. Ask questions about things you feel you could connect to. 

Step 4: Provide value. There’s always something you can do to help someone out. That part is up to you to figure out. Inviting friends to like their Facebook page or retweet their posts is a good example. This makes you stand out. Artists will give you their time if you give them yours!

We go in-depth on the 'Give & Take Method' and 'Know Who You're Talking to' here.