4 Secrets To DOUBLING Your Music's Plays on Soundcloud!

This week we decided we'd like to share some secrets on how you can get ahead! Here are some of our top picks on how to get plays on Soundcloud, from least to most effective.

Share Your Music on Facebook Groups

Sharing your song on Facebook Groups is a must. Join a few music groups with your genre. Don't spam your link, as no one will listen. Rather, listen and like someone else's music, and then comment your song link under their song. They'll likely check out and support you too. We have a list of great Facebook Groups here to get started.

 Listen, Comment, and Repost 

Like, comment, provide positive feedback—try to avoid single word comments because they appear spammy or robot generated— and repost. Remember that SoundCloud is a community where you can make friends and network with fellow artists. The more you give, the more you get. Trust me, it works wonders.

Create an Email Newsletter

You’ve been collecting data from social media, your website or blog and from gigs (start doing this!), now it’s time to put it to use. Newsletters are the most effective way of contacting your fans. You get to directly contact your fans whenever your music drops. It's easy to sign up to any newsletter service.

Get Your Song Reposted By Repost Networks

This is arguably the most effective way to get your music out to the masses on Soundcloud. While you can find many by searching on Soundcloud, most Soundcloud networks are fake and charge you money to get reposted without guaranteeing any plays on your song. 

Read more here about how to steer clear of the bad repost networks and our recommended Soundcloud Promotion Service.