This Soundcloud Networking Secret is What'll Get Your Music Heard


The lifeblood of the Soundcloud community is interaction. To gain any sort of traction, these can help out. These are the most effective ways of going about getting more plays/exposure as long as you dedicate serious time towards doing so! Let's jump into how to network in the music industry

Like, Comment, Follow

This is the most obvious way to go about increasing your stats, yet most artists get it wrong. Here’s how to go about effectively applying this strategy: 
1. Visit Soundcloud and search a common keyword in most song titles in your niche. For example, search ‘Original Mix’ if you’re looking to network with house/EDM producers.

2. Filter these results to find fellow aspiring artists. Set the upload date to be the ‘Past Day’ , and pick the genre of the niche you want to network with

3. Now, you’ll have a list of artists like you. Comment effectively, drop a like, and a follow on the songs you see. I recommend doing 50 a day. Recall our Network Etiquette rule, before you take, you must give.

4. If you showed meaningful affection to their music, you’ll very likely get the same love back! 

You can learn more on how to this here.

Send Meaningful Private Messages

This can be very effective if used appropriately. Soundcloud has very strict rules on message spamming, and are notorious for deleting your Soundcloud account out of nowhere if you copy-paste your link to others often. Here are some steps to use this feature well:

1. Find artists in your genre with at least 1k-10k followers. You can use the strategy above to do this.

2. Send them a unique, personalized message and a released song of yours. Many of these artists were like you at one point, small and wanting to grow. It’s very common for larger artists to show love to you if you show love first and appear sincere.

3. Maintain contact! It is very important to keep the connection with the larger artist if he replies back. Be helpful to him, and he’ll help you back. 

This is Hard Work. But There's Another Way.

If you don't have time to network, or simply don't want to put in the effort into networking, you can get others to do it for you. What's the end goal of networking? To get more exposure, fans, and plays on your Soundcloud, Youtube, and other channels. This specific strategy works beautifully if you post your music on Soundcloud.

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