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Ultimate Guide to Networking in The Music Industry

In order to succeed as a musician, you must be able to network with other and build a strong social circle. In this article, we go in depth on how to network as a musician in the music industry.

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Using Social Media as a Music Artist in the Modern Music Space

When you observe what a rapper with a large following is posting, you can ask yourself, why do the people that see this post tap the like button or add a comment or share. The types of posts that are doing well for that artist works with the image of their respective brand. If you are interested in also formulating a brand similar to another artist, it’s probably a safe bet that you should be able to get good initial results

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7 Ways to Get Heard on Soundcloud (Why Promotion Matters)

We explain the best ways to get heard on Soundcloud, and why Soundcloud promotion is important in the first plays. Learn how to boost your plays, likes, and reposts, and how to copy the success of so many that made it because of their success on Soundcloud.

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The Most Important Advice For Music Artists For 2019

The scape of the industry this coming 2019 is essentially going to be similar to 2018. Strategies that worked in 2018 will still be relevant, however artists must be ready to step up their game on the idea side. Since everyone can replicate the formulas used by the industry leaders, artists need to focus more on being unique and pushing out content that is very particular to who they are.

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How To Get Your First 10K Followers on SoundCloud (Video)
How To Make Six Figures With Your Music!

…Contribute $10 to you every single month. If you crunch the numbers, $10 a month from 1000 people each is $10,000 dollars. 12 months in a year brings that number to $120,000 a year! Wow!

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