The BEST Way to Grow Your Instagram as a Music Artist In 2019

It can be quite a struggle to grow on Instagram as a music artist. Not only are many artists trying to grow just as you are, they’re using the exact same methods. Where are those methods taking aspiring artist on Instagram? It’s quite apparent that there needs to be some new methods at play in 2019. This is precisely why at Boost Collective, we’re extremely excited to bring you an extremely powerful new method.

Instagram engagement groups in our opinion are without a doubt the best way to grow organically right now. It’s simple and straight forward, and can be put into effect immediately. Let’s get started!

First, we’re going to make it extremely easy for you to get into your first group. That is because you can take advantage of us and utilize the network we’re building through this content piece. Simply go to our instagram by clicking here! Make sure you’ve followed us, and then send us a direct message saying you’d like to join one of our engagement groups!

So how do they work? When you join an engagement group, you can send 1 post a day maximum to the group chat. All members in the group chat must tap on the post and give it a like and comment. This helps boost the post of yours and others into the explore page and at the top of hashtag results. It’s extremely effective for reaching new users.

Through using engagement groups you can reach the niche that you’re in very well. On average you can start seeing results through getting just 10-20 likes/comments on your post.

Once again you can get started by joining one with us by clicking here!

While Instagram is indeed one of the hottest social media outlets for musicians, there are others you must be using. We go into depth about other social media platforms in this article.