The Most Important Advice For Music Artists For 2019

As of the writing of this article, 2019 is just a few days away. That means it’s your chance to prove yourself. This is YOUR year. At Boost Collective we are lucky enough to see waves in the music industry. We are seeing more than ever the power of micro-content, consistency and networking.

The scape of the industry this coming 2019 is essentially going to be similar to 2018. Strategies that worked in 2018 will still be relevant, however artists must be ready to step up their game on the idea side. Since everyone can replicate the formulas used by the industry leaders, artists need to focus more on being unique and pushing out content that is very particular to who they are. For example, we see many artists copying larger names. Whether that be copying visual style or flow of tracks, the benefits of doing so aren’t large long term. Large names are big because they are unique. They are setting trends.

Thinking outside the box isn’t the easiest thing to do. However having unique visual styles, unique sound and brand image/personality on social media will be the push you need to succeed next year.

On top of that, powerful micro-content is taking over social media. It’s quite simple, people have short attention spans. According to sources, people usually stay only 5 seconds to watch a video on instagram. That means you need to captivate your potential viewers fast.

Knowing what social media platforms to focus on is also important in 2019. We picked the best social media outlets for musicians in this article.

Lastly networking will be your biggest strength. 99% of every small artist refuses to network or has no idea how. Luckily, at Boost we are releasing a comprehensive guide that will have the answers for much you need on these topics!

Good luck in 2019! If you want to start crushing the game right away, you can get valuable promo help from us at boost! Also if you are a rapper, take advantage of our Boost Beats platform that has many useful tools for success in the rap game.

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