The 1 Reason Your Song Isn't Getting Plays on Soundcloud

Let’s be honest…

We've all been there at one time or another during our musical careers. You work hours to release a smashing new song, only to see it get 5 plays within the first week. What happened?

Here's the reason why you're not Getting Plays: Not Enough Soundcloud Marketing.

Here's the reality: as an artist you must spend HALF your time marketing and the other half making the actual music. Sounds absurd! You're an artist after all, not a professional marketing guru. But this is the reality of the industry today.

These days you're not just an artist. You're a networker, marketer, promoter, graphics designer, writer, and social media master. 

These secondary tasks that make your music blow up serve one purpose: to get your music the maximum exposure possible. But what if you want to just make music? How do you get plays on Soundcloud?

To be successful alone, you must put your effort in being the best artist, but also being the best marketer. We think this is insane, and NO ARTIST should have to do all this work.

After all, you're making music for the love of the craft, the beauty of making music, and you shouldn't be forced to do all these secondary tasks such as marketing on your own.


There a few Things You Can do, Though.

A great way to gain plays is by liking, commenting, & reposting other's music. We go in-depth on how to do this correctly here.

You must also be following the golden rules - the guidelines and principles - that major artists like LiL Nas X used to get famous through Soundcloud.

You can also find success by messaging others on Soundcloud. Here's how:

1. Find artists in your genre with at least 1k-10k followers. There are many ways to find artists on Soundcloud to message! Make sure you understand what the artist you're planning on messaging is about.

2. Send the artisr a unique, personalized message first appreciating them, and then share a song of yours. Many of these artists were are like you, small and wanting to grow. It’s very for artists to show love to you if you show love first and appear sincere.

3. Maintain contact! It is very important to keep the connection with the artist if he/she replies back. Be helpful to them, and they'll help you back.

Another great way to create massive exposure is by interacting on Facebook groups. We've got details on how to do this effectively as well as a list of Facebook groups you can use here.

Get Your Song Reposted By Repost Networks

This is another very popular way to go about gaining plays, though it is hard to do it correctly, as many Repost accounts on Soundcloud are either fake or illegitimate. See our recommended Soundcloud Promotion service that uses real repost networks to get you Soundcloud Promotion!

Hope this helps! Be sure to browse all our articles. We've got knowledge we know you'll love to know about!