The Ultimate Guide to Networking in Music Industry

The Ultimate Guide to Networking in Music Industry

The Music Industry Can be Rough

It is a common myth that good music will be heard no matter what. From our experience, this cannot be further from the truth. Plenty of talent goes unheard and mediocre music takes the stage, across the whole industry. The best way to get ahead is by effectively networking in the music industry.

You Aren’t Just an Artist Anymore

As an artist, you need to be as good at networking and marketing as you are at making music. Long gone are the days where you focus exclusively on making music. An artist nowadays is a marketer, networker, promoter, graphic designer, and much more. As a rule of thumb, you should spend 50% of your time making music and the other 50% towards these secondary tasks. Sound Like a drag? Because it is. No worries though, we've got simple yet effective strategies you can implement today!

Know who You’re Talking to

To first understand how to effectively network in the music industry, you must know that there are many people that can help you in various ways. From label execs to music bloggers to managers and beyond, there’s a long list of people who an artist must build relationships with in order to reach larger audiences and expand their brand.

With all these potential helpers, it’s important to know exactly who you’re talking to and know how to communicate with them appropriately. For example, when an artist sends their work to a record label A&R executive, he or she will probably want to be more professional and direct. That approach may not work with music bloggers. In fact, many music bloggers simply ignore emails or messages that are too business-driven. To them, having a personal relationship with the artist is much more desirable and often leads to the best outcomes for both parties.

Summary: Learn to communicate with different people in different ways to get what you want from them.

Always Give as Much as You Take

This is a strategy that you must implement in all communicating/networking situations. It is absolutely imperative to provide value to any individual if you want to get anything in return. Spamming links won’t do anything whatsoever. You want to create friendships so to say, with as many artists, label execs and blog owners as possible. Give them value, and they give you value back. Always follow this core principle!

You can provide value for people in these ways:

-Liking, reposting, sharing, and dropping a meaningful comment on other artist's music

-Sharing and commenting on music blogs, and provide meaningful critique on the article

-Become a top fan of the label by liking, following, and buying the label's music (if you're trying to build a relationship with the label manager).

Network on Facebook Groups

This is one of the top reasons as to why you must use Facebook for networking with others. Facebook groups can help you get connected with pretty much anyone you need to succeed. Here’s a step by step method to network effectively!

1. Join 10-20 groups that are in your niche. Simply by searching on Facebook can get you to some great groups. Try and be specific in your search, for example type “soundcloud support electro house” rather than just ‘soundcloud networking”. Don’t shy away from Blog groups and label groups, as they can help you get connected with important people.

2. Be active and follow the ‘you get what you take’ rule. This is the most important part! Like people’s post, provide real feedback to people’s music, and always give value before asking for anything in return. Expect most Soundcloud groups to be primarily composed of artists spamming their links. Don’t give in! Give them feedback, and ask them to check your music out. There’s a great chance they will.

3. Engage in conversation and build lasting relationships. If you find an artist that is more popular than yourself in a Facebook group, shoot him a message and start a casual conversation. Keep following up to build a beneficial relationship. You guys can help each other grow and become more successful. Continue building this network not just with other artists, but with blog owners and other prominent figures in the industry. 

Get Someone Else to do The Networking For You

If you don't have time to network, or simply don't want to put in the effort into networking, you can get others to do it for you. What's the end goal of networking? To get more exposure, fans, and plays on your Soundcloud, Youtube, and other channels. This specific strategy works beautifully if you post your music on Soundcloud.

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Get Plays on Soundcloud By Networking on Facebook

Get Plays on Soundcloud By Networking on Facebook

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