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When you place an order with us, we automatically track your loyalty status. Whenever you order enough promotions to get a reward, we hit you up with your perk! It’s that easy. Become part of the Collective.

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 Label Attraction

It’s always been a goal for artists to one day be picked up by a label. Your promotion campaign will help you stand out to labels. Music alone isn’t enough to catch the attention of a label. They’re a business after all, and they need to know you are already getting numbers! By having big stats on your music from us, you’ll look more appealing as a musician.

Algorithm Placement

When gaining traction on SoundCloud, it’s important to be seen in as many places as possible. With a campaign from Boost Collective, your track will more easily be placed in recommended and beside related tracks that are also getting listened to in large quantities. This enables more listeners to be able to see your music and become fans.

Boost Collective Member Perks

As a member of Boost Collective, you’ll be the first to receive the latest and greatest artist growth tips, offers, tricks, videos and more! We’re here by your side to ensure your success, long after your campaign finishes!

Social Proofing

Social proofing has become proven to be one of the most powerful effects in the industry in recent years. Listeners want to feel like they’re joining others in an experience.

Tracks with low play counts don’t get the attention that those with larger counts. With the big stats on your music from the promo campaign, new listeners are more receptive to becoming fans.

It’s a psychological truth that people are more likely to listen and respect a song partially due to the amount of plays, likes, comments are on it.

Networking Leverage

Collaborations between artists are essential for sharing growth through fan bases. Whether you want to work with a certain producer, rapper, singer etc… it’s much easier to approach them when you are pulling numbers.

This incentivizes the artist you are trying to work with to accept your invitation to collaborate. Basically, you’ll have more power and influence.


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