Boost™ release campaign

Make your next release succeed.

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Add the following upgrades above to create your own unique campaign:


Soundcloud Promo Campaign+

Ag promo and we'll upload your song to our 10k follower Soundcloud account.

Small Promo = Upload + 1k Plays promo

Medium Promo = Upload + 5k Plays promo

Massive Promo = Upload + 10k Plays promo

Cover Art Creation+

Included in all releases is a free cover art! You can upgrade from our base art to these:

Deluxe Art: Custom color and pattern

Professional Art: Custom-made and unique, you tell us how you want your cover art to be made.

Cartoon Art: Custom-drawn and unique, unlimited possibilities.

See examples of all the cover arts here.

Blog Promo Campaign+

Get featured on our artist blog in front of hundreds of daily readers!

Basic Campaign: We'll write up a short & sweet shout out on our blog.

Deluxe Campaign: We'll write up an in-depth article about you and your release and send it out to our blog partners.

Spotify Playlist Promo+

Get your song posted on our Spotify playlist with this option. Check out our playlist here.

Professional Mastering+

Is your song not 100% mixed and mastered? Use our professional mastering upgrade and our team will master your song to ensure it sounds perfect when it releases.


Your Shot to Succeed.

By releasing with us, every thing is taken care of. We do the work of a record label without taking any cut of your revenues.

You’ll be given your own release manager from our team to oversee your release. Marketing, cover art, and promo are just a few of the benefits of releasing with us.


trusted by thousands.


We’re here to support talented musicians like you. We guarantee your song will be released or your full money back. Don’t miss your shot at success.


got questions?

Can I configure a release for my album/EP?+

Certainly! Click here to configure a release for your album.

Will I get paid?+

Yes! If your song generates revenue through sales or streams, you keep 100% it (we don't take a cut). We pay out your royalties via Paypal/Cheque whenever you reach 50 USD in generated revenue payable to you.

How much time does it take to get My Music Is On Stores?+

It takes 2-4 weeks to show up on every single store. (Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon etc...) We do everything for you regarding this.

what benefits do i get with boost collective?+

Your song receives the premium treatment that is to be expected when working with us. We'll assign you a manager, promote your release and ensure it gets heard, and give you access to your own Boost Collective account, giving you exclusive perks, bonuses, and content. When you work with us, you get nothing but the best.

Do I Still own my song?+

You have full copyrights to your song. We only take a limited license to be able to distribute your song. You can see the full agreement here:

What Platforms will my music be on?+

We release your music on the following major plaftorms:

Spotify Apple Music Deezer Tidal Pandora Google Play Napster Audiomack Amazon Music TikTok IheartRadio & over 300 more!